How We Can Learn About Creative Marketing Techniques from these Top Brands.

How We Can Learn About Creative Marketing Techniques from these Top Brands.

When learning new things, we are always looking for examples from people who already know that. It\'s the same in business.

As a startup, you want to learn how to run and promote your business.

Starting your own business is hard. It\'s even harder when you start a business and don\'t have  a brand logo for marketing, but, there are a lot of things you can do for growing it. One of them is incorporating creative marketing techniques as part of your marketing plan. Learning about them costs nothing, but your will.

The best way to learn about this is by following the steps of the established brands. So, here are a couple of top brands that can show you which creative marketing techniques you can use and how to use them.


I\'ll start with Coca-Cola. It\'s a giant on the market that\'s worth 73.102 million dollars.

They had humble beginnings but using the right marketing strategies, they\'ve become one of the 13 most valuable brands in the world.

What is their evergreen marketing strategy?

Video Content

They\'ve used videos as one of their creative marketing techniques. They\'ve created commercials and campaigns that immediately went viral. Even before the digital era, their videos were broadcasted on television and images from the videos were placed on banners or printed on the bottles.

They\'ve focused on creating memorable videos that will stay around for a long time. And they did a fantastic job.

Influencer Marketing

Hilda Clark and many other famous musicians, actors/actresses, and sports stars, took part in their campaigns. This is what we call today influencer marketing.

Coca-Cola used influencers long before our time. Instead of using them on social media, they\'ve used them in their commercials and campaigns.

Coca-Cola made and are still making video contents that tell a story, share a message, and bring value to the audience.

Videos might cost more than you planned, but are definitely worth using. If they are captivating and easy to digest, they\'ll easily go viral. You\'ll get noticed and will establish your business as a brand on the market.

How can you follow their example?

Creating videos though might sound as spending a fortune, it doesn\'t have to be. You can plan the video content and come up with a short and catchy video that puts your products/services in the center.

Instead of using influencers or some famous people, you could make an interesting animation video which makes people interested in the product/service promoted.


The next brand you can learn from is Starbucks.

Although they based their marketing on their brand image in the past, they\'ve changed their marketing techniques and started focusing on advertising through social media.

Social Media Marketing

They\'ve invested over $351 million in marketing and advertising in 2015.

They use several social media channels, including Instagram and YouTube. But, Twitter is their main marketing channel for sharing their content and updates or making announcements.

They constantly create content, such as videos, product details, and inside stories that they share with their fans and followers. They also share all the exciting things that happen at their company and stores, including their CSR achievements and milestones.

Customer-Centered Marketing

What makes them stand out is the fact that they focus on their customers and the things that are important for them. Everything they create revolves around their customers. They follow their needs and communicate with them, thus building a community, not just a brand-fan relationship.

To show their customers that they matter, they started including them in their promotion by featuring their posts on their Instagram profile. They did that by asking the customers to use their hashtags and show their products.

It was a clever way to engage with them and also to boost their exposure, for FREE.

How can you follow their example?

Social media marketing is very affordable, so you don\'t have an excuse for not using it for promoting your business. Regularly create high-quality SEO content that you can share along with photos of your products and product descriptions.

You can also share everything that happens to your company, including achievements, certificates, new clients, etc. celebrate every success by sharing it with your fans and followers.

Moreover, recording videos while working or hanging out with your employees is a great way to show your audience that you are approachable and want to build a good relationship with them. It\'s a way of humanizing your business.

Don\'t forget to include your customers in your promotion. You can do the same thing that Starbucks has done or if you have enough budget, you can give 10 or 20 freebies (branded pens, notebooks, t-shirts) and ask them to take a photo of those products and share them on their social media profiles using your hashtags and tagging your page.

3. L\'Oréal

L\'Oréal is one of the biggest names in the beauty industry, known for the quality of their products. They\'ve succeeded to become a world-known brand by employing different creative marketing techniques.

YouTube Ads

To continue being a big player on the scene, they\'ve completely digitalized their marketing in 2010. They invested in ads, specifically YouTube ads, but, they\'ve changed their length and focus. Instead of creating 30 seconds-long ads, they started creating 2-6 seconds-long ads that are product-centric. It was more effective and didn\'t bother the viewers, yet it promoted their products.

3D Technology

Another technique they started incorporating is using virtual reality. They\'ve recognized a big opportunity in using digital technology for marketing purposes and increasing their customer engagements.

That\'s why that started using ModiFace\'s AR technology to create their Genius apps - Makeup Genius and Nail Genius. These apps ask users to take a photo of themselves and apply L\'Oréal\'s virtual products (nail polish, lipstick or hair dye) to see how they look. This helps their customers decide on buying their products.

How can you follow their example?

Creating YouTube ads isn\'t that expensive if you don\'t use people but animation. It\'s important to put your product/service in the focus and make people interested in what you offer.

When it comes to 3D technology, I know it\'s not that easy to incorporate it in your marketing. But, you can hire a freelancer for affordable price to make a simple app that will help you build credibility and get noticed on the market.


Famous brands use more than one creative marketing technique. It\'s because, the more techniques you use, the bigger the chance to gain new customers.

As a startup, you don\'t need to incorporate all of them in your marketing plan, but you should find those who would work best for you at the beginning of your business.

With time, as you gain exposure and your budget increases, you can start using more marketing techniques for building your presence on the market.

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