E-Commerce Web Design Hacks for Conversion

October 09, 2020 ~ by Savannah A.

E-Commerce Web Design Hacks for Conversion

So, why is E-commerce web design so important to the success of your business? The answer is very simple, more conversions! Taking the time to build an attractive and user-friendly website is going to pay off tenfold when it comes to e-commerce. Here are 4 simple e-commerce web design hacks that will help optimize your conversion.

Hack 1. E-Commerce Photography

When it comes to product photography, don’t cut corners! Sharp, creative and high-resolution product images are going to sell themselves.  Consumers want to be totally convinced about the product before purchasing; multiple product photos with different angles and close-ups of detailed areas are needed to achieve this. Product photo placement is also key, avoid using carousel-style display as slow load time will cause frustration. Instead, use a grid style or vertical placement with adequate spacing.

Quality product photos build trust through to the consumer and are a representation of the brand identity, so be sure to keep this in mind and alighted with the rest of the website when designing.

Hack 2. Smooth UI Navigarion

Online shopping is all about frustration-free user experience. How many times have you exited a site due to frustrating navigation and not finding what you are looking for? The key here is simplicity, keep things clean and tidy just as you would with a storefront. E-commerce web design is no different in this aspect; organized product categories and an auto-fill search bar will provide quick and easy direct navigation.

Hack 3. Customer Reviews

A successful e-commerce website must have quality customer reviews implemented. A 2017 study by podium.com showed that 93% of consumers say online reviews have an impact on their purchase decision. Consumers want to know what it would be like to own a specific product before purchasing. Without being able to physically touch or feel the product before purchasing, consumers rely on reviews to provide validation.

Customer reviews are also going to provide engagement and further product insight into features that might not have been originally mentioned in the product description. A balanced review offering pro’s and con’s is going to provide transparency, building further trust between product and consumer. Lastly, ensure to make it easy for the consumer to find product reviews; and locate reviews within view of the specific product.

Hack 4. The Shop Shift

The fact is the world has shifted, from physical storefront space to online storefront known as E-commerce or E-business. This is more present today than ever before. What was before important to have an eye-catching showroom, is now a website design that is optimized for conversions.


Take Aways

Interested to know more about our experience with e-commerce web design? If you need an e-commerce web design optimized or a whole website created from scratch we are always happy to discuss and ideate. Get in contact with us so we can help you get more out of your online presence.

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