7 Steps to Get Your Website Found on Google.

Jan 29, 2019 ~ by Dan V

7 Steps to Get Your Website Found on Google.

We all rely on Google's powerful search engine to help us daily. From relationship advice, to finding out the name of that TV character and to diagnose our health symptoms, we really forget what life was like before it. We use this platform to find out so much information, as a small business owner, you should be thinking proactively about how people are using it to find your services. Our Portland Website Design agency is here to give you some SEO pointers.

There are many tools you can use to earn your website a top spot on Google's search engine result pages. We will review what exactly those resources are and how to make the best use of them.

The massive search engine can feel like a big cloud of content at times. There are actually organized systems at work. They determine which sites appear before others.

1. Submit your Site to Google

While your website will eventually be found at some point by the Google bots constantly crawling the web's content. You can speed up this process. The first step is giving Google a quick heads up by submitting your site to Google. You can do this by sending over your sitemap to NS Modern. This will let google know right away your site exist.

2. Develop Backlinks

Direct google bots to your website to get it ranked. This involves having links to your site on the most popular websites. When the bots reach those blue text hyperlinks, it's like they receive a command to proceed directly to your website. Posts your URL link in all of your social media profiles and online directories. Be sure to get a listed on all directories for your industry or geographic area. Each location where you place that link becomes another access point straight to your website.

3. Include Keywords

Keywords are crucial to appear on Google. Good keywords are usually three-to-five word phrases that a person might search to find a business or services. For example, one might type in "Portland Website Design" to find a website designer in Portland. Furthermore, they're important because when there's a match between the words you've incorporated into your site's content and SEO settings, it means your listing is more likely to appear. Again, be sure keywords appear throughout your site. In turn, Google will know that your website is a good candidate to list for those keywords.

4. Manage Meta Tags

Next, do not leave out your website's meta tags. These are the elements that make up a web page's listing on Google. When a list of websites come up in a google search, the blue lettering is the meta title or SEO title. The short clip in black beneath it is called the meta description. Picking out clear and concise wording for these labels is critical to rank well. It convincing web browsers that yours is the link to click. Be sure to add in those keywords here to rank well on google.

5. Mobile friendly

When it comes to a mobile website, no one wants to be squinting their way through cut-off displays on their phones or images that never seem to fully load. Additionally, you will want to learn the best practices for presenting information on your mobile site. It's rarely a "casual browsing" situation, its more of an 'I need it now' action. Having your site help a person arrive at the solution to their problem via mobile, will work wonders for how users think of you. Therefore, affects how Google ranks you.

6. Local Directories

Within the SEO world, there's an area known as local SEO. This is where Google helps direct location-specific searchers to solutions in their geographic area. However, most people still first turn to Google's search box to find the business they're looking for before taking a scroll down Main Street. Google My Business is the response to this. It is a directory of business listings that populate what appears on Google Maps. Furthermore, this is what's displayed in the local listings. It is one more way of showing to Google that your business will be a quality result to suggest to users.

7. Optimize Local SEO

When a potential client is looking for a service in your city, you will come up if your listing answers both keyword search and the local search. To use this service, claim your business and fill out your profile with all relevant information, including: name, address, phone number, website, hours of operation, location, and more.


Portland Website Design

Each of these 7 steps are equally important to ranking well on Google. Take your time to develop each one. Do a thorough job to ensure you have quality content that will rank well. Feel free to contact NS Modern for your Portland Website Design needs. Ask us for tips to help your site be ranked on Google's first page.

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