3 How To Succeed With Your Online Business in 2020

May 23, 2020 ~ by Dan V

3 How To Succeed With Your Online Business in 2020

Digital marketing is a never sleeping organism that is evolving every day. The same with business – every day there are new businesses opening, however, the only small amount of them can really survive.

Even though you have to fight with many competitors, there is still a chance to succeed. Our NS Modern team has shared three basic rules to create an outstanding online business.

1. Simple, Professional Website

Even in 2019, many websites out there are just mess. Dull navigation, too many features without a clear message and CTA. Nobody wants to settle for good numbers but a website that generates revenue from these numbers. Every business owner wants to get maximum out of his effort.

The easiest way to start is a professional website. Simplicity seems to be the right way. It’s a timeless trend without much effort and it brings out amazing results when it’s done well.

Put yourself in customer’s shoes. He lands on the website for the first time, without knowing a brand so the last thing he wants to do is thoroughly checking the menu and homepage. He just wants to know what you offer, how it will solve this problem and how much it costs, right?  

Simplicity also comes with one more advantage – the loading speed. Fewer images, fewer sliders have a significant impact on the speed of the website. On one side, visitors expect loading time maximum 2 seconds and on the other side, it also affects your ranking in Google Search. Algorithms are set to offer the best to visitors, so if your website doesn’t match these criteria, consider it as a penalization from Google.

Get rid of useless features, tidy up the menu and upgrade the user experience instead of a cluttered mess. When customers easily find what they are looking for it helps to grow the conversion rate.

Create content that converts and give your visitors a reason to come back. If they are returning repeatedly it helps to grow your sales. Try to trigger the curiosity with content that will be posted in several parts following up. If the content is interesting enough people will definitely come back to see what happens next.

At the end of the day don’t forget that your customers are still only people. Offer them real value and they will come back to you. If you can’t help them right now, let them know later you thoroughly researched their problem but unfortunately, you were not able to find a solution. Even the effort really matters.

2. Creative and Unique Social Media Strategy

Just before, beginning of 2017 we have witnessed a few interesting (game-changing) trends in social media. Facebook’s launch of Live videos and Snapchat revolution in vanishing content set up some new way how to interact with the audience.


These two examples are proof of the future direction of social media. The focus is now on the current moment and lives content and more facilitated via mobile devices. Users want to feel like they are living the moment and show their emotions about it. This led to the launch of Facebook’s new micro-site interactions and now you can interact more than just with a simple “like”. Keep this in the mind and tune your social media strategy carefully.

These trends bring new marketing opportunities and a new way of communication. Think about all the content you produce to match it with every channel you’re using. The delivery of content has to be clear and focused on the customer’s need.


3. Adwords Campaign with Landing Page

Online advertising is becoming more and more crucial for online businesses. Organic search uses a different kind of strategy while paid ads are optimized to bring out a higher conversion rate.

If you think that people don’t click on paid ads look at this. Rocketseo.com writes that “In fact, paid search ads account for 64.6% of clicks when people are specifically looking to purchase something (using high commercial intent keywords).” In addition, according to Wishpond strike-through, “the Google Display Network serves 180 billion impressions (views) each month, equaling about 6 billion views every day.” Quite impressive numbers, though.

When someone clicks on PPC ad it’s highly possible the person already knows where he’s going to land.

For a successful AdWords campaign for a landing page, it’s important to match the messages of both, AdWords headline and description with landing page copy.

Landing page is a special page with the only intention – conversion. There is no need for navigation, nor another exit way.

What are the key elements of the good landing page:

  • Engaging and catchy headline that matches the one in ad’s headline
  • Tagline that supports a headline
  • Compelling copy focusing on how potential customer will benefit from taking an action
  • Guarantee, cash back, reviews or other trust symbols
  • Video, preview, showcase or other engaging content that appeals to the potential customer in a way he wants to take an action
  • Clear and noticeable call-to-action
  • Then you can start to set up AdWords campaign. Always keep the intention of the user in mind and choose keywords that determine a user’s action. We recommend you to check out this simple strategy on how to promote landing pages using PPC campaigns.
  • Despite the fact, you’re running an online business never forget you still sell to real people. Try to put yourself in their shoes and think about the way they may act. When you understand the behavior and needs of your customers, then you can bring the real value.



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